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You've arrived at your solution to "hands free", quality Commercial Snow Control for zero tolerance properties that cannot experience interruption due to winter weather events.

Our team specializes in properties from banks or medical buildings, to large scale 50 acre distribution facilities and everything in between.

We offer service packages ranging from the traditional "Per Inch" service structure to our monthly subscription based seasonal pricing packages. These packages provide equal monthly payments for which you can budget. All of our packages offer guaranteed top quality snow and ice control services, performed at the correct time during an event, and executed systematically 24/7 including holidays.


How does it work?

  1. Select one of our packages.
  2. Get a proposal emailed to you within 2 business days.
  3. Our team creates a snow site plan customized for your property.
  4. We add you and your team to our Winter Weather Alert system and Portal
  5. We either email you a detailed, time stamped bill promptly after each event, or we bill you the same price monthly.
  6. You sit back and relax while enjoying your life while the snow is falling!

We Are Always Prepared... Are You? Our clients can trust that when a winter weather event causes impact to St. Louis Missouri, Snow Control Team will be keeping their property safe.


Snow Control Team will provide solutions to our client’s needs that will fulfill their requirements and expectations 100% and beyond. Snow Control Team provides peace of mind, a feeling of true quality and success that our company, our employees, our customers, our community and our environment will benefit from. We stand behind all services we offer 100%.

Research our Reputation, we are the Solution.®

Our Clients Say


“Our Company has been utilizing Snow Control Team for our snow control needs for the past fifteen years. Both of our manufacturing sites in Saint Louis operate around the clock, five to seven days a week. We cannot experience any interruption at our sites regardless of weather, nor can they ever appear other than neat and clean for our associates as well as our customers. Snow Control Team has provided these services flawlessly and at a reasonable price.”

— Al G – Large Manufacturing Facility – Page & 170, Missouri

“The residents of the Manors at Questover are very satisfied with the snow/ice removal services Snow Control Team provided. All the residents that I have talked to rate your service as Excellent! Many say that you more that exceeded our expectations. Especially during the extremely large snowfall that overwhelmed both our City and County Public Services Depts. You came to our rescue and unblocked the street so all our residents could function and get out of our subdivision.”

— Manors of Questover – Creve Coeur, Missouri

“Snow Control Team was very diligent in their efforts to not only provide outstanding snow removal services, but also superior customer service as well. I slept easier knowing that their team would be monitoring our location very closely and it would be clear prior to my drive into work. They were consistent. It was truly a pleasure to have worked with them through the busy winter season.”

— US Bank – St. Louis, Missouri

“Thank you Snow Control Team for your prompt and thorough snow & ice removal services.”

— Kehrs Mill Dental – Ballwin, Missouri

“The snow and ice control services during the 2007-2008 season (which was the first year with the Snow Control Team) was the best we have ever had. Your crews were prompt and thorough. Exceptionally pleased with the services of Snow Control Team.”

— River Scene Estates – Subdivision Streets – Wildwood, Missouri

“University Park Subdivision is a large subdivision with approximately 5 miles of narrow urban streets with cars parked on both sides. We had problems in the past with contractors either not willing to even bid on the project or failing to appear, or doing only part of the job. Snow Control Team did an excellent job exactly as promised with no complaints from residents. Your team promptly provided service when needed and did a great job clearing the streets. You definitely have our recommendation.”

— Trustees, University Park Subdivision – University City, Missouri

“Snow Control Team certainly met our snow control expectations. Issues were addressed when needed and no incidents were reported. I was pleased with the service provided and at the cost/expense for this service and look forward to working with Snow Control Team again next year.”

— Cassidy Turley – Chesterfield, Missouri




Over 26 Years Experience. EST 1997.



Upfront Pricing, No Surprises!



Provides Efficiency & Cost Savings.



Licensed & Heavily Insured.



Staff Is Uniformed & Professional.


100% Legal

Employees Are 100% Verified Legal.

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Systematic Snow & Ice Management for commercial properties requiring a zero tolerance level of service with predictable budgeting.


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