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Snow Control Team, a division of Team Green Outdoor Inc., regularly performs company assessments regarding our service quality and the overall value we provide our clients. Most of the information collected and/or indicated is from our existing clients. After the snow season has ended, we ask our clients to reflect on the level of service they received as compared to their expectations of us and their experiences with other companies.

Over the years, Snow Control Team has compiled this specific client feedback with the expectation of helping others comprehend our ideology and determine if our methods of service are parallel with their needs. The information was organized into four categories: Company Experience & Reputation, Snow Control Expertise & Resources, Value Pricing and Customer Satisfaction.


Snow Control Team will provide solutions to our client’s needs that will fulfill their requirements and expectations 100% and beyond. Snow Control Team provides peace of mind, a feeling of true quality and success that our company, our employees, our customers, our community and our environment will benefit from. We stand behind all services we offer 100%.

Research our Reputation, we are the Solution.®

Company, Experience & Reputation

  • Snow Control Team has operated in the St. Louis market since 1997. Furthermore, our team has over a century of combined experience in the industry.


  • Snow Control Team is a locally owned and operated company. Our company profits stay in St. Louis and help the St. Louis economy. Since our company leaders have lived here all of our lives, we fully understand the St. Louis weather.


  • We specialize in snow and ice management for commercial properties. We are not simply a landscaping company that attaches a plow to our trucks during the off season. Unlike some of our non-specialist competitors with very little snow control experience, we are a full time snow management team that continually stays abreast of new developments in the industry and works all year long to prepare for the winter months.


  • Our #1 commitment is quality and customer service, which makes Snow Control Team a perfect solution for the “value-oriented” consumer. Value-oriented consumers appreciate our expertise coupled with superior practices and place great trust in our company’s ability to understand their snow management issues. Snow Control Team has competitive pricing, however, this is not the sole reason our “value-oriented” clients do business with us. They are procuring our expertise, reputation and excellent customer service for a property that is safe, accessible and as liability free as possible. Basically a peace of mind with ultimate satisfaction.


  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau; a testament to our practices and customer satisfaction. We encourage consumers to “Research our Reputation” during the decision process.


  • Our company utilizes very sophisticated management technology to ensure our clients accounts are processed, scheduled, managed, documented and guaranteed efficiently. We perform the majority of these tasks electronically and as paperless as possible. We research and adopt the latest technology, leveraging all available resources to stay as organized and competitive as possible.


  • We are fully insured for our client’s protection. We carry full Workman’s Compensation, $5,000,000.00 in general liability and complete commercial automobile and equipment insurance.

Snow Control Expertise & Resources

  • We offer solutions for snow and ice management for all types of properties with a peace-of-mind; knowing you made the right choice. We have worked since 1997 to create systems and processes that enable us to provide the ultimate snow and ice control service to our high end clients that demand zero tolerance during snow and ice events. We continually improve upon these systems and processes.


  • Our Client Consultants use an estimating system to calculate the exact pricing, services required during different storm situations, and the management techniques for your property based on square footage. We have developed a software system with years of data that analyze the equipment and chemical requirements for your property that enable us to create a service proposal 100% applicable and customized for your specific property. We have the flexibility to tailor our services so you only pay for the snow management tools you need.


  • We take time to educate property managers regarding snow and ice management issues, aiding them in selecting the level of service which will suit their needs. This also gives them confidence in what to expect throughout the season – we want our clients to be 100% satisfied and believe the only way to achieve this goal is to be open, honest and informed.


  • We specialize in large commercial areas, including manufacturing and medical facilities which must remain safe and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have the equipment, resources and manpower to handle any size property and the experience to do the job right.


  • We utilize private weather services to predict, track and monitor storms in and around the St. Louis area. Once a storm is on track to cross the St. Louis area, we formulate a complete storm plan on a time line, which we monitor and adjust throughout the storm with our forecasters. All of our zone managers are involved in the planning process and are notified each time the storm and our plan change throughout the execution of the plan. During the storm we send our clients email notifications with detailed information pertaining to the storm - we aren’t the only ones who like to be prepared!


  • We have set zones throughout the St. Louis area which allows us to provide cost effective services, timely response to our clients, quality control on all accounts and excellent customer communication / service. Each zone is assigned a snow event manager/ quality control representative that ensures your property is services to your expectations. Sometimes during the bidding process, we have to turn down an account because it is outside of our service zones, since client satisfaction is our number one goal, we will not over extend capabilities.


  • All of our crews have detailed snow response plans and property maps with precise snow clearing instructions for each of the properties we service. They know exactly how to plow a site, where to pile snow and when to work on a property based on our client’s specific instructions.


  • We utilize high tech and up-to-date equipment similar to the Department of Transportation equipment for monitoring weather conditions, including outside temperature and pavement surface temperatures. This helps us to understand the precise conditions we are fighting.


  • We maintain deicer sources at several locations around St. Louis (close to our service zones) so regardless of the client’s property location, we are never far from the chemicals we need.


  • We have an optional Chemical Bucket service, providing our client’s property with additional ice control chemicals to spread as needed in the event of an emergency; such as a water main break etc. We will take care of supplying the chemical and keeping it stocked so you are always prepared.


  • We have developed a production analysis program to manage company data regarding salt spread, chemical usages at different temperatures, time spent plowing, etc. We are constantly analyzing our practices and looking for ways to become more efficient and cost effective in order to always be fiscally responsible for our clients. We will never, however, sacrifice quality just so we can be the lowest bidder to acquire more business like many competitors in our industry. Minimizing the liability created by the inclement winter weather on our client’s property is our main concern and focus paired with quality of service.


  • With our experience, resources and buying power, we purchase materials and equipment at very competitive pricing similar to the municipalities and well in advance of the winter, usually we are purchasing in the summer off season. We secure and allocate the proper quantity of deicing materials and the necessary equipment for your specific property(s) months before the first snowflake falls- assuming we have received the signed contract by the deadline date for the property.

Value Pricing

  • Snow Control Team offers 3 different pricing structures in order to give our clients the greatest flexibility when selecting services. We recognize that not all businesses are the same, and each has unique needs. While some require continuous snow clearing, and monitoring, others only require one clearing after a snowfall. We do everything in our power to understand our client’s needs and then accommodate them with valued services.


  • With our substantial industry experience, Snow Control Team has the ability to offer value price structures. For more multiple decades, we have collected data on snow events and accumulations, as well as the amount of chemicals we have used and hours spent clearing properties. With these averages, we are able to provide our clients clear and competitive pricing. Unlike some of our competitors; we don’t pull numbers out of thin air and our rates do not spike rapidly in order to recoup losses resulting from inexperience.

Client Satisfaction

We recently asked our Snow Control Team clients to rate our service in various areas on a scale of 1 (the lowest) to 6 (the highest). On average, we received the following ratings:


  • 5.6 overall response time
  • 5.6 accessibility during/following snow events
  • 5.5 the level of service received
  • 5.3 meeting client expectations
  • 5.3 overall level of satisfaction

Final Thoughts

As Snow Control experts, our number one priority is our clients. We are fully aware that without our satisfied clients, we would not be in business today. In order to build and retain a healthy client base, we must understand and respect your unique needs, provide flexibility of services and perform those services with the utmost care and expertise. We always try to impress our clients by exceeding their expectations - and sometimes we even impress ourselves in the process. Why do we always raise the bar? Because we can - and we thoroughly enjoy providing clients with the highest level of service.

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