Systematic Snow & Ice Control

Snow Control Team understands the level of service required to maintain "high traffic accounts", such as manufacturing and medical facilities that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Holidays.

Our proven process requires a team of full-time snow removal professionals preparing year round to orchestrate the perfect snow management tactics for your property.

As one of the top snow removal & management service providers in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, we are a fully staffed company and well equipped to handle the toughest winter storms. We cater to property owners, property managers and property management companies who require their properties to have maximum liability reduction, along with remaining accessible and safe during inclement winter weather – and that is precisely the standard of snow control services we provide.

We Are Always Prepared... Are You? Our clients can trust that when a winter weather event causes impact to St. Louis Missouri, Snow Control Team will be keeping their property safe.

Read below to learn how our proven systems and processes can protect you and your property starting this October!

Weather Forecasting

We contract with private meteorologists to ensure that we are always prepared and well aware of upcoming winter weather events along with system changes during the storm.



Our Winter Weather Alerts are emailed to you and your team well before a winter weather event starts. Ongoing alerts are sent throughout major snow / ice events.

We have a designated 24/7 phone number for you to reach our management team 24 hours a day, including holidays.

Snow Site Plans

Snow site plans are created for each of our properties. These plans identify boundaries, service specifics for each surface of property, the locations to pile snow, and any obstacles on the property.


Anti-Icing Control

Anti-Icing or "Pre-Treatment" is completed before the snow / ice event starts. This is a benefit to our clients as it prevents ice from bonding to the pavement. It speeds up melt times once the property is clear and reduces the overall usage of deicers needed for a clear property during each event.

De-Icing Control

On vehicular pavements, we control ice with salt, calcium infused salt, liquid calcium, liquid magnesium, salt brine, and other state-of-the-art deicing methods. It is an ongoing focus to research and implement the most environmentally friendly de-icing products and application techniques.


Sidewalk Control

Sidewalks are kept snow and ice free through our specialized equipment. Our sidewalk teams are equipped with snow shovels, snow blowers, power brooms, 4 foot hydraulic plows, and small skid steers with plows and brooms.

Sidewalk deicing is performed with granular calcium & magnesium chlorides, liquid applications of magnesium chloride.

Pavement Snow Control

Snow is cleared from pavement using trucks, skid steers with snow plows and snow pushers, and large material moving wheel loaders with high capacity snow pushers (10' feet to 24' feet wide).


Snow Relocation & Hauling

Snow can be relocated after a snow event using our high capacity loaders and dump trucks. Snow melting is also an option to allow for large cubic yard melting and reduce hauling fees.

Quality Control

We have a quality control team on all of our service "zones". We always monitor your properties snow & ice control service quality so you don't have to.


Client Service Portal

Our client portal lets you monitor services performed on your site(s) in real time. It includes the time of each visit, the services performed and invoices which you can pay directly from our portal.

Specialized Equipment

Unlike your typical "Landscaper", we have equipment that is municipal grade snow and ice management equipment. From liquid deicer application capabilities (which reduces environmental impact), to large backhoes and loaders with high capacity snow pushers, we are your proven partner that can handle any snow event that impacts our service area.


Salt Procurement & Depots

Our goal is to have 3x the annual average of material usage allocated for your property when you partner with us. This ensures that we don't run out of deicers during the years when you need them the most.

We have deicer depots located in all of our service areas for quick response times.

Liquid Manufacturing

Through our deicing partnerships and our own production systems, we can generate 5000 gallons of liquid deicer every hour with our state-of-the-art systems.


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